Van Moy & Associates – The Ultimate Choice For Your Hotel Furniture

The major focus of the companies operating in hospitality industry is the comfort and lavishness offered to the people. Furniture is an indispensable part of the hospitality industry and most of the companies perform proper research before finalizing the furniture for the different parts of their hotels, clubs, bars, auditoriums, gymnasium, shade platforms etc. Apart from the comfort level, there are several other things that need consideration in the process. These things include high quality, latest and stylish designs, classic looks etc. that meet the décor of the space. All these qualities in furniture are available at one place, Van Moy & Associates.

Having tie-ups with a good number of brands manufacturing superior quality furniture from a decade, Van Moy & Associates is known to provide high end hotel furniture Hawaii to the customers. Apart from the hotel furniture, it also offers commercial furniture like office furniture Hawaii, Healthcare Furniture, household furniture etc. If you are specifically looking for furniture in hospitality industry, here are some top notch options that are offered by Van Moy & Associates.

Furniture for interiors We at Van Moy & Associates offer custom designed upholstered furniture which is best suited for the interiors in hospitality industry. We have tie-ups with the most renowned company, Vaughan Benz which is known for manufacturing elegant and premium quality furniture for the finest 5 star hotels. The owners of luxury hotels and restaurants can get award winning interiors from us and design the rooms and galleries of their hotels in an outstanding manner.

Indoor seating Indoor seating arrangements in a restaurant or hotel might make a difference. We offer the best interior seats in classic and timeless designs that can completely change the interiors of your club or bars

Outdoor seating With us, you can get the best seating arrangements for your outdoor locations. We provide outdoor seats in different designs and styles crafted by the best technicians from renowned brands. The innovative technology used in the manufacturing of these seats ensure their high quality and durability. Shade Platforms is the home to unique, stylish and innovative shade platforms which will surely add some extra stars to your exteriors. Our craftsmanship hold years of experience in designing shade platforms and use latest techniques to create innovative designs. In addition to the above discussed hotel furniture Hawaii, we also offer a wide range of furniture to fulfill other commercial needs of the customers in different industrie.

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