Vaughan Benz

Vaughan Benz is a leading manufacturer of high-end custom-made wood and upholstered furniture for the hospitality industry. Based in Los Angeles with factories in California and China. Vaughan Benz specializes in superior-quality furniture for some of the world’s finest four and five-star hotels and restaurants. Our products grace the interiors of such international luxury hotel chains as Four Seasons, Peninsula and Ritz-Carlton. We are favored source of many award-winning interior designers and design firms.

MTS Seating

MTS Seating is a premier provider of seating for the hotel, restaurant, gaming and convention industries. MTS is committed to design innovation. Our collaboration with world-renowned furniture designers continually pushes the design envelope. Whether it’s the reinterpretation of period style or the pioneering of a totally new look, we’re committed to making a powerful style statement with our products.

Aceray Indoor Seating 

Our mission is to bring you THE LOOK of Seating ® — contemporary & timeless styles featuring outstanding design and unmatched craftsmanship. Committed to delivering distinguished styling, Aceray’s team is proud to introduce you to an array of contemporary and classic seating designs. Established professionals in the furniture industry, we are experienced in product selection, product presentation and the logistics of making contemporary seating solutions available to architects, interior designers and other business professionals.

Emu Outdoor Seating 

Emu was founded in Umbria in 1951. During the 1960s EMU realized that it had a natural talent for the manufacturing of outdoor furniture, in which it could make the best use of technology, cultural heritage and local know-how and skill in working with metal. During the last years, the Italian firm began repositioning its brand following the development of innovative and exciting products in collaboration with some of the best international designers.

Andrew Richard Designs

Andrew Richard Designs creates custom, unique outdoor living experiences to enhance both the spaces and lifestyle of our clients. From backyards and urban terraces to global hotels and high-end restaurants, our projects showcase the latest in outdoor living. Each year, we design a range of new, on-trend collections that are composed of the best materials and craftsmanship. Designed in Toronto and manufactured in our own factory in Indonesia, ARD uses an exclusive patented product called Solartex ™ which is woven tightly by hand, in addition to the finest stainless steel and reclaimed sustainably sourced teak, to construct each collection.